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“The hardest part is getting started,” KC Sherwood.


How many times have you heard that? Parents, ag teachers, extension agents, coaches… They all use this line as a form of encouragement. What if I told you Weaver Leather Livestock came out with an answer to make getting started easier? No really, they did!


I know how overwhelming it can be once you get your project home. You got the goat you wanted, you quickly took all the notes you could from the breeder; but now you’re home and you don’t know what all you need or how to use the thousands of products listed on the Weaver website.


The solution. The Goat Starter Pack (or the starter pack for your specific species).


Everything you need to get started in one place. I was able to catch up with pro-staffer Kelsey Pfeiffer and he shared some insight on each of these products and how to utilize them!


Degreasing Shampoo – great for at-home, daily care

Conditioning Treatment – great for at-home, daily care. Conditions not only the hair but also the skin. NOT a show day product

Brightening Shampoo – show day product, utilizes the optical enhancers included in the formula to brighten the hair

Sheep & Goat Conditioning Spray – apply like conditioning treatment, can also be used on show day

ProSheen Concentrate – great for both daily care and show day. Mix following bottle instructions, spray on after your goat has been washed and dried

Pig Face Brush with Plastic Handle – works well for slick shorn goats

Mini Fluffer Comb with Wooden Handle – utilize daily to train hair, also great on show day

Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush – use when fitting legs with adhesive on show day

Poly Rope Goat Halter – daily use for training goats to lead

Light Adhesive – excellent starter adhesive, use this until you are comfortable fitting!

Clip Like a Pro Poster, Sheep & Goat – excellent guide with helpful tips from the pro-staffers


One final suggestion from Kelsey was to purchase a chain or leather halter, which ever you are going to show with, early so you can start practicing with it! Not to fear these are available on the Weaver Leather Livestock website as well!


Getting started just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Starter Pack from Weaver! Remember exciting things are ahead for those who work hard! Good luck with your new projects!


-Morgan Pfeiffer

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