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    Behind the Label: Spring New Products

    Redesign of the Bucket Cart When it comes to new products, we are always looking for the newest and innovative products to bring to the market. We also try to look at our current line of products and ask the question “How can we make this better?” Our square and round bucket carts are the perfect example. Made in-house in our 20,000 Square foot metal shop. Weaver’s engineering team looked at the carts and found a few improvements that would help not only our wholesale customers but the livestock family as well. The cart was very costly to ship and was hard to fit in compact small trailers. We redesigned…

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    Choosing The Perfect Calf Blanket

    It only makes sense to use a calf blanket for babies during the winter months. We know that these calves need to stay warm and dry during damp, cold winter days. Not only do they need to be comfortable, but blankets will keep them healthier by increasing weight gain. In my past experience, blanketed calves noticeably gain a significant amount of weight versus non-blanketed calves. Here are some points to ponder when choosing the right blanket. 1. How durable is it? Blankets are an investment in the health of your calf—don’t skimp on a cheap one! They should hold up during washing and daily use. If you purchase a good quality…