• General

    Lemons and Life

    Something hit me the other day as I was driving down the road that made me really think. Someone on the radio was talking about what else you could make with the lemons life gives you, like desserts or cookies. I realized that my first thought about those lemons wasn’t to bake with them, it was to throw them right back at life. This startled me a little because I’m not typically an aggressive guy (and my aim sucks), but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I agreed with myself. Here’s why: Lemons represent the “bad” things that happen to you. Sometimes life gives you…

  • Champion Banners

    Do it for the Banner?

    If you show, you probably love trophies and banners. Actually, even athletes, scholars and artists love trophies and banners. Who doesn’t? It is pretty hard to resist that shiny hardware and colorful embroidery.   In fact, the trophies and banners that I won (not many) are proudly displayed in our basement, in boxes. OK, so they aren’t really displayed, but that is my point here. At the moment that I won those awards, I don’t think I could have felt any more proud. I was so excited that someone else acknowledged my hard work and determination. That is what I needed: acknowledgement.   That is what kids seek. As parents…

  • Stock Show Life

    6 Friends You Need at a Stock Show

    Everyone has their stock show crew. Their buddies. Pals that have specific talents. These six friends will definitely heighten your stock show experience. Tech Guy There’s an online sale. You HAVE to get those online registrations in for the Jr. Nationals TONIGHT! A new season of “The Ranch” just dropped on Netflix. But your stupid phone, your laptop or tablet just won’t connect. Isn’t there internet everywhere?! You start to panic. Calm down and find the tech guy. His hands may be stained with Maxx Black, his knees may be dirty from kneeling under a heifer all day, but he knows his 3Gs, 4Gs, broadband and Wi-Fi. He can get…