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    Principles for Success: Generosity

    WHAT IS GENEROSITY? Generosity is the willingness to give to others without selfish ambitions. But being generous is also in the best interest of the ones who give. Research shows that generosity is a foundational principle for mental and relational health. A generous lifestyle reduces stress, supports personal physical health, enhances purpose, and fights depression. Generosity can boost confidence, promote positive social connections, and improve relationships. Check out the following Do’s and Don’ts of generosity below:

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    Address the Envelopes

    Thank you. It’s something that you are taught to say at a very young age. You probably go through your day and thank people without even noticing. Someone holds the door open for you, you say thanks as you enter; you don’t give it much thought it’s just something you say. In today’s world, we sometimes forget to slow down and give credit to those who in reality we really do appreciate. We sometimes assume that those investing in us know we are thankful for what they are doing/have done for us but taking a moment to slow down and let them know can mean so much.   Growing up…

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    5 Easy Ways to Take Initiative

    Taking initiative is recognizing and doing what needs to be done without being asked or coerced. It is so easy to sit back wait for someone to tell you what to do and how to do it, but taking initiative isn’t hard. Here are some easy ways you can take initiative. Offer to Help: Do more than what is required of you. It could be cleaning the stall before being asked, washing your heifer, or even as simple as making sure you have your show clothes ready to go come show day. Make Friends: Introduce yourself to your fellow exhibitors, or those other show moms. Meeting new people can be…

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    Principles for Success: INITIATIVE

      What is Initiative? Initiative is recognizing and doing what needs to be done without being asked or coerced. If you are a person with initiative, you are self motivated and resourceful. You are able to independently and accurately assess situations and take appropriate action. People with initiative are the trailblazers and high achievers. Did you know that initiative allows you to take responsibility for your life and to face and overcome you fears. You have a greater likelihood of reaching your goals when you are personally motivated instead of waiting for others. Check out the following Do’s and Don’ts of initiative below:

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    Supplement Breakdown

    We’ve recently added a new category of products to our website: Supplements. Supplements can seeming like an overwhelming category with some many different options and types. So we are going to breakdown some of these supplements to help you and your animal make it to the final drive. We all know that animals stress out during transport. It’s a huge change for them, the stress of the road, a new environment, potentially a new routine. Animals can exhibit stress in a variety of ways, most common, scours/looseness and going off food. It doesn’t have to be that way though, here are a few supplements to make the transition to a…

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    7 Survival Tips for a Long Show

    7 Survival Tips for a Long Show Some show days are long. Some shows are a few days or can stretch into a week, even more. Sure, stock show folks love it. Yet, sometimes the down time can get to a person. It is possible to keep that livestock show spirit fresh no matter how many hours, days or weeks you’ve spent in a show barn. Socialize Not just with your crew. Get out there and meet people. Mingle with breeders, breed reps, salespeople and other showmen. A show is a great place to network for your farm or business. Countless deals have been made standing in shavings with the…

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    Principles for Success: Focus

    What is Focus? Focus is concentrated attention and energy. It helps us to clarify and commit to the goals we have for the show season, which leads to better planning and vision for our animal projects. When we are concentrated on our targets, we are more productive and less likely to procrastinate. Exhibitors who lack focus are easily distracted from their projects and are often disorganized and forgetful. They may appear confused, flustered and uncertain in the show ring. Showmen who have focus are intentional in the way they move while showing their animals. They have kept their eye on the prize all season, putting in the time and resources,…

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    Be Bold

    Boldness: Some synonyms for boldness include audacity, nerve, and conspicuousness. The term may describe someone who stands out in a crowd, is outspoken, or has an intense presence. While none of those characteristics are negative or wrong, there is also something to be said for a person who shows boldness in a more reserved approach. Some examples might include: Stick by your values, even if it means standing alone. Help someone who cannot repay you. Stand up for someone when it is not the popular thing to do. Show great sportsmanship in the ring, on the field, or on the court when the outcome is less than what you wanted. Being…

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    Thank a Stock Show Kid

    Many livestock judges, at some point during Showmanship or the Grand Drive, will often look at the fresh faces of the stock show kids in and around the ring and deliver a similar message: Thank your parents. Thank your grandparents. Thank your breeder, advisor, or agent. Thank whoever it is that got you to this point. The ones that help make it possible for you to be a stock show kid.   I love that. I love judges taking time to ask youth to recognize how blessed they are to be stock show kids. To value the time, effort, and money it takes the grown-ups in their lives. I don’t…

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    Principles for Success: Boldness

    What it Boldness? Boldness is the confidence and courage to do what is right regardless of the circumstances or others’ opinions. Bold people are determined, initiating and self-assured. They are seen as leaders. “Nice” people often hold back, leaving the bold statements and actions to the ones least capable of leading well. Developing appropriate boldness will empower you to be an effective team member and a strong, capable leader. Being bold helps you communicate effectively, persuade powerfully and share ideas. Without boldness, your valuable input will not be heard. Not speaking up lowers your value to the team and can be discouraging to those who try to move the team…