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Month: June 2016

4 keys to slay your junior national speech delivery

Can you believe summer is flying by already? World Pork Expo just wrapped up last week and national junior heifer shows kick off this weekend! If you’re participating in a speaking contest this summer at a junior national event or your local county fair, we’ve got some tips on nailing the delivery. Good luck! Plant your feet, unless it’s meaningful. Extra movement that doesn’t add anything to your message can be very distracting. You’re much better off to deliver your speech with fewer, meaningful movements rather than walk constantly throughout your delivery. So, set a “home base” that your feet adhere to when not intentionally moving. I’ve judged quite a few speaking contests for students, and I’d always prefer to see a student who plants their feet for periods of time rather than aimlessly walking throughout the entire speech. You’ll appear more confident and be able to make more effective hand gestures. Move as much as you want from the waist up, but think carefully about when and how you move your feet. Talk to me, not at me. The judges of the contest should not be observers of your speech. They should be recipients of your message. Speak directly to them (and others) in the room (even if you’re looking at the tops of their heads). Whether a prepared or extemporaneous speech, think of your delivery as a conversation – where you’re the only one talking at the moment – and use that conversation mindset to guide your tone…

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